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29th Aug 2019

118 118 Money Bank Loan PPI Check

118-118-money PPI

What is 118 118 Money PPI?

There are many ways of referring to 118 118 Money payment protection insurance (PPI), these include credit insurance, credit protection or loan repayment insurance. The purpose of PPI was to help a borrower make their repayments to 118 118 Money if they couldn’t due to an unforeseen event, such as sickness, injury or redundancy.

PPI is often confused with income protection insurance. They are two completely different products. PPI provides short-term cover and is provided alongside loan and credit products. Any pay-outs under PPI go straight to the loan provider instead of the policyholder.

Income protection insurance is designed to cover 70% of the policyholder’s income if they can’t work due to accident or sickness. This is long-term protection and can cover a person until they retire if they are too ill or injured to work.



Due to the proximity of the PPI deadline, we are no longer accepting any new PPI claims to allow us to process existing PPI Claim enquiries

Please be assured, if you have already enquired about a PPI Claim with Money Management Team Limited we are processing your enquiry and will update you as your claim progresses. If you need an update in the meantime, please contact us.

You can pursue your own claim direct to the firm to obtain a refund. You can do this for yourself at no cost and then use the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) which are both FREE.

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Many PPI policies sold by 118 118 Money were added on to a loan, credit/store card, mortgage or an overdraft.

The duration of 118 118 Money PPI usually covers a period of 12 months allowing the borrower to time to seek employment or return to work, if appropriate.

How was 118 118 Money PPI mis-sold?

Some customers were sold 118 118 Money PPI without knowing it had been added to their loan. Consumers say that 118 118 Money advised them their loan, mortgage or credit card application would not be approved if they didn't buy 118 118 Money PPI. This meant borrowers took out the 118 118 Money PPI, even though they may not need it because they didn't want to risk losing the deal.

Were you mis-sold PPI by 118 118 Money?

It is possible PPI may have been mis-sold by 118 118 Money if any of the following facts occurred at the point of sale:

    • Were you unemployed, self-employed or retired at the time 118 118 Money sold you the PPI policy?
      • Had you been unemployed, self-employed or retired when you were sold your PPI policy by 118 118 Money, you would not have received any benefit from it as you would not have been covered.
    • Did you know that PPI had been added to your agreement by 118 118 Money?
      • If you had no idea that 118 118 Money had added PPI to your agreement, it could have been done without your consent. Alternatively it could have been an opt-out box that wasn't clearly visible.
    • Had the 118 118 Money explained the total cost of 118 118 Money PPI to you at the time of sale?
      • All costings relating to the PPI should have been explained to you by 118 118 Money. This will be a major mis-selling factor if it wasn't done.
    • Did 118 118 Money make it known that that some of the PPI premium may have been paid as commission?
      • If more than 50% of your PPI premium was paid as commission to 118 118 Money, this is classed as high commission under the Plevin rule. You were mis-sold and due a PPI refund.
    • Were you made aware by 118 118 Money that you could cancel the PPI policy?
      • 118 118 Money should have explained that you had a cooling off period and could exercise your right to cancel the PPI policy within that time.
    • Were you made aware by 118 118 Money of any circumstances or exclusions where you would not be successful in making a claim?
      • If 118 118 Money had not made clear any exclusions or circumstances that would prevent you from claiming, you may have been mis-sold 118 118 Money PPI policy.
    • Were any enquiries made by 118 118 Money if you had other PPI cover that would cover repayments?
      • 118 118 Money has a responsibility to find out if you had sufficient PPI cover elsewhere.
    • Were you pressured into purchasing the 118 118 Money PPI policy?
      • 118 118 Money should have looked at your personal situation to assess if you would benefit from having PPI without any pressure or hard-sell.
    • At the time of taking out the PPI policy with 118 118 Money, did you have any pre-existing medical conditions?
      • If you had any pre-existing medical conditions that meant you could not have worked for the duration of the 118 118 Money PPI term, you would not be covered by the 118 118 Money PPI policy.
    • Was it implied to you that 118 118 Money PPI was necessary to get the finance?
      • If the finance sought was such that required a PPI policy, 118 118 Money should have let you know that you could shop around to find and compare PPI cover or if you already had PPI in place, 118 118 Money should not have sold you their PPI policy.
    • Did 118 118 Money PPI have an upper age limit, if so, were you older than it?
      • If 118 118 Money PPI specified an age limit for cover and you were older than this, you would not be covered by the policy.
    • How long was the term of 118 118 Money PPI, was it was shorter than the term of finance agreement? Did 118 118 Money explain that there would also be a period of no cover towards the end of the finance agreement?
      • If 118 118 Money didn't explain that you would have a period of no protection during the term of the finance agreement, you 118 118 Money PPI policy was mis-sold to you.

What could you claim from 118 118 Money?

If your claim against 118 118 Money is upheld, you may receive a full refund of PPI paid to 118 118 Money, including any interest charged on the PPI. Statutory interest of 8% per year would also be payable on the premiums and any interest charged.

How to Make a PPI Complaint to 118 118 Money?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set a deadline of 29 August 2019, by which time all PPI complaints will need to have been submitted. After this date, customers will lose the right to have their complaint assessed by us, or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you have previously received a letter from 118 118 Money outlining potential concerns about the way PPI may have been sold to you, then you may have less time, so it is important to act as soon as possible.

Please be assured that by checking or complaining about PPI to 118 118 Money, neither your relationship with, nor your credit score will be adversely affected in any way.

If you have a concern about how your PPI Policy was sold, it's easy for you to contact us directly to discuss and start your check PPI for FREE.

We understand consumers may require different levels of assistance and are committed to making your check PPI** and claim process as simple as possible. Our process has been designed to make it as easy as possible for everyone wishing to make a complaint.

We’d like to discuss the details of your case with you so your complaint can be lodged as quickly as possible with 118 118 Money to find out if you had any PPI charges on your loan or finance agreement.